Games & Pastimes

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Mahogany cased set of Double Six dominoes
Circa 1875. Box: 9in.(23cm) L

Sold - another set available @ £28

Mahogany Solitaire, with Officers & Sepoys
Glazed clay marbles to simulate stone

Circa 1885. 9.5in.(24cm) Diameter -

L: Inlaid, folding cribbage boards, with pegs, cards & instructions - usually £34 each

Complete with two packs of cards, two whist
markers & cribbage score pegs - Sold

Jasper Ware cameos, circa 1900

Blue - £18 each
Green, Wedgwood; 3.5in.(9cm) H - Sold

Solitaire with complete set of handmade
Victorian marbles, c.1880, 9.25ins. Diameter

£175 - click on photo for close-up of a marble

Double Six dominoes in beech box
Dated 1897. 5.75ins.(14.5cm) L


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