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Lace bobbins - a choice

£4 to £18

9 carat gold thimble. 1922 - Sold
Bone tape measure with Stanhope peep.
Circa 1890. 1.6in.(4cm) H - Sold
'Parasol' needle case with Stanhope - Sold

T: Folding scissors with case, circa 1890
2.5ins.L closed - £28
Fully fitted lady's necessaire, circa 1900
(Silver thimble 1902); 5.6ins.L -


£2 to £24 - (Gold thimble sold)

Victorian button hooks for dresses, etc.
T: c.1890, 3.25in.(8cm) L, £8
C: M.O.P./silver folding, 1898, Sold
B: Mother-of-pearl, c1880, £10

Fine Victorian Steel Scissors
L: By Milner, Sheffield, 3.5in.(9cm) L - £20
C: Gold inlaid, silver sheath - Sold
R: Sold

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