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Collection of bone & wood lace bobbins

£4 to £22 each

Edwardian silver 'Swan' pin cushion
B'ham 1910; 2.25in.(5.5cm) L


L: Mauchline, inc. needle box,c.1890 - Sold
C: Silver 'elephant', B'ham 1906
1.6in L - £245
R: Silver, B'ham 1910; 2.5in.(6.25cm)D -

L: Killarney arbutus wood 'book' needle case
Circa 1870; 3.1in.(8cm) H - Sold
R: Finely-made bone 'parasol' needle case
3.75in.(9.5cm) L - £40

Victorian button hooks for dresses, etc.
T: c.1890, 3.25in.(8cm) L, £8
C: M.O.P./silver folding, 1898, Sold
B: Mother-of-pearl, c1880, £10

L: Silver thimble, onyx end, B'ham 1913 - Sold
C: Child's; C.Horner, Chester 1924
- Sold
R: Silver on steel Dreema by Griffiths, c.1910

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