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Aneroid barometer & thermometer with silvered dial, in carved walnut case, 9ins.D, c1875


Folding, portable watch stands

L: Pearwood, c.1875, 2.5ins.(6.5cm) W - Sold
R: Mauchline Ware, c.1890 - £38

Gentleman's pocket watch in a rolled gold case
Made by Waltham & dateable to 1903

2in.(5cm) Diameter -

Rosewood mercurial stick barometer with cistern tube. Circa 1850. 36.5in.(93cm) H
Dial signed Archer, Hackney - £485
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Pocket barometer/altimeter/thermometer
Circa 1905. 1.9ins.(4.75cm) Diameter

£165 - click on photo for closer view

L: Hiker's Companion with compass & folding beaker, Reg. No. for 1886, 2in.D - Sold
R: French pedometer
Circa.1920, 1.75in.(4.5cm) Diam. - £48

Rosewood barometer by Andrews of Royston
Circa 1835, 43.5ins.(110.5cm) H
With provenance; fresh tube & mercury
£445 - click on photo for full view

Balloonist's altimeter & barometer reading to 18,000 feet. Circa 1885; 2ins.diameter



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