Wine Antiques

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Georgian wine coasters

L: Silver, Sheffield 1798, 5.4in. Diam. - £345
R: O.S.P., circa 1820, 6.5in. Diam. - Sold

All-silver hip flask by James Dixon & Sons
Sheffield 1917, 4.6ins.(11.75cm) H

£195 - including velvet pouch

Georgian Old Sheffield Plate wine funnel
Complete with gauze ring; circa 1825

5ins.L; 4ins.diameter - £85

Hip Flasks with detachable cups
L: Silver plated/leather, c1900 - Sold
R: Silver, with hand-made pouch, Sheffield 1905 - £195. Both 5.5in.(14cm) H

Georgian wine glass coolers
Circa 1820. 3.6in.(9cm) H

£28 each

Silver wine coaster, London 1819
Fascinating inscription - a prize at a Sheep Show
5.75in.(14.5cm) Diameter -

L: Georgian cut-glass spirit decanter
8in.(20cm) H, circa 1800 - Sold
Cut-glass claret jug with (German) silver top
10.5in.(27cm) H, 60cl capacity - £245

Georgian two-part silver wine funnel
London 1790, 3.25in.(8cm) Diameter


Classic Georgian glass decanter; target stopper
Circa 1800. 11in.(28cm) H


Selection of corkscrews
L: French, c.1875 4.1in.(10.5cm) H - Sold
C: King's Screw, c.1860, 6.5in.H - £295
B: Four-finger Bow, c.1850, 6.25in.H - Sold

Pair of green wine glasses on crystal stems
Circa 1880. 5in.(13cm) H

£28 the pair

Set of eight cranberry wine glasses
Circa 1880. 5.1in.(13cm) H

£125 the set

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