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To Save the Lost (ISBN 978-0-9574897-0-7) 3 volume paperback
To Save the Lost I Fall ISBN 978-0-9574897-8-3 ebook
To save the Lost Purgation ISBN 978-0-9574897-2-1 ebook
To Save the Lost Redemption ISBN 978-0-9574897-9-0 ebook
Fireworks - a Nonet of Flash Fiction ISBN 978-0-9574897-4-5 paperback
Fireworks - a Nonet of Flash Fiction ISBN 978-0-9574897-5-2 ebook


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     Fireworks - A Nonet of Flash Fiction

Our most recent publication, antithesis of To Save the Lost:

Modern stories, within a maximum of 2,000 words, demonstrate the author's breadth, versatility and mastery of style.


     To Save the Lost is a three-volume novel set in 15th century Yorkshire. Living History offers additional information, both written and visual, to enhance your enjoyment of the book. This is being gradually augmented