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To Save the Lost (ISBN 978-0-9574897-0-7)

is a three-volume novel set in early 15th Century Yorkshire.

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To Save the Lost transcends the bounds of genre. In the 15th century, when life was often short and brutal, a Yorkshire man pens his youthful adventures for his young son - peppering his exciting, entertaining and romantic narrative with advice on how to run a manor, settle disputes, travel safely and live “by the Book”. Today’s reader can enjoy a wealth of detailed social history, philosophy and a whole gamut of medieval entertainments - including the author’s original music. Here are ready-made resources for performance by re-enactors; Yorkshire folk and those interested in etymology and dialect may discover words rapidly disappearing but all explained clearly [in text] without interrupting the gripping yarn. Inspired by an Arthurian legend, gritty realism replaces magic. Unfolding through the limited vision of the youthful Robin Wynmer like a detective story, foreknowledge of its multiple threads remain a mystery for its readers to unravel.

Cover illustration for Book I by R. M. Moss

The artist, Christine Slade, subscriber to the private edition of 2011, wrote to the author, “I read from beginning to end, with scarcely time to take a breath between each book. What an epic tale! What an epic task! I’m humbled by the depth of your knowledge and greatly impressed by the breadth of your research. I was immediately captivated by the plot, became totally immersed in the characters who, as their stories unfolded, stepped alive from the pages and demanded my attention. In short, I felt as though I was secreted behind a tapestry - silently observing each happening; or trailing behind your riders across the moors - feeling as cold, weary and saddle sore as they! Every page painted a scene within my head and I was enthralled.”


Cover illustration for Book II by R. M. Moss

Faced with an inescapable moral choice, Robin's actions lead him into a series of adventures which begin to unravel many of the mysteries which puzzled him hitherto.

He is beset by new questions as he sparks off a series of events beyond his control.


Cover illustration for Book III by R. M. Moss

Robin is learning the difference between the epic chivalry of geste and story and that which may be enacted in daily life. As his expectations become more realistic, his courage burgeons and he is finally able to act with the wisdom and conviction of a man of honour.

His demons and dragons slain, he begins to perceive the many forms by which humility and acceptance can lead to and beyond contentment.


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