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Res Miranda was a small re-enactment group which started from a few family members who tried the “Kentwell Experience”, liked it, went on to join “Heathcliff Heroics” and did some wonderful Elizabethan events for the Jubilee year which included some drama and the following year blossomed into courtiers of Henry VIII. The addition of local members and gradual creation and purchase of authentic tents and artifacts lead to the formation of Res Miranda as an independent group in 2004. Much research was done by all the members but nothing can beat wearing the authentic costume, drawing a bow, learning to wield a sword, cook, and follow the pastimes of singing, dancing, storytelling etc. The group appeared at Oxburgh Hall, Hever, Dover, Bodiam and Carew castles – amongst many other wonderful places, its members constantly honing and adding to their skills. They continued to appear with Heath’s company from time to time and in 2005, in addition to their paid engagements, the group joined the Medieval Siege Society. This, being the largest re-enactment society in the UK, offered an opportunity to enjoy the social life, large-scale battles and a less stressful programme as, instead of having every moment mapped out, it was necessary only “live authentically”. The MSS is broken up into separate households. making all the battle situations as authentic as possible and Res Miranda was welcomed into the Hartley Household with whom the members enjoyed good comradeship and well-organised fighting with an excellent safety record. By 2008, most of the members being young, had inevitably left to take further education and are now employed in various professions in different parts of the country.

With the Hartley Household at Twinwoods


The aim of Res Miranda was to create a little magic, bringing history to life by representing a noble household in as authentic and sumptuous an encampment as possible, furnished with all manner of artifacts and inhabited by rounded, carefully presented characters. A sense of continuity was maintained by moving from one activity to another by a natural progression as the day unfolded. Thus, if representing pre-formation history, everyone stopped at noon to sing the Angelus. If necessary the members were prepared to briefly 'step outside' their characters if by doing so they could answer questions more easily or facilitate understanding.

Through sharing a detailed knowledge of medieval and Tudor lives with members of the public, it was the spark of reciprocal enthusiasm which became the inspiration for our title: “Res Miranda”, meaning “a thing to be marvelled at”. (The phrase can be found in at least two medieval poems of the nativity.)


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African grey parrots were an exotic pet of the very wealthy sometimes seen in paintings, chiefly by the Dutch masters.

Below: Virgin with Two Parrots by Hans Baldung Grien c. 1527


After a rest of several years, Anne has now returned to the field of Living History with the Companie of the Silver Arrow and the Medieval Siege Society


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