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To give you some idea of the scope covered here are outlines of some of the events undertaken:


With Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn at Eltham Palace. Notice the servant holding racquets for a game of battledore, forerunner of badminton. Henry was also a keen player of the new game of tennis, a complex game played in a special indoor court.


Our first engagement as an independent group was at Hever Castle in 2004, where we joined forces with Heathcliff Heroics to provide the May Day Revels.


August found Res Miranda at Bodiam Castle holding an Ale Feast in honour of St Dominic's day. Francis Greye brewed an authentic braggot and some of the new-fangled hopped beer which was much appreciated by the castle guard.


Here is an example of how performances were adapted to the particular place of our appearance: in early September the group appeared at the Old Royal Naval College at Greenwich representing the family of Charles Howard, Baron of Effingham. As Lord High Admiral, he was commander-in-chief of the English fleet in the struggle against the Spanish Armada in 1588. Later he was made Earl of Nottingham in recognition of his services. By the beginning of September the defeated Armada was foundering off the shores of Scotland and Elizabeth's beloved Earl of Leicester lay dying. This gave an opportunity to give much detailed historical information, show the new art of rapier fighting introduced by the Italians, the novelty of smoking tobacco imported from the new colonies in the Americas, perform lute songs and music and entertain the children with an appropriate story for the occasion.


Christmas Feast
Lowly folk at the high table
Several Christmas entertainments were performed.Advent gave the opportunity to show how the household plans, prepares and rehearses for the twelve days of merriment: a good way of distracting folk from the strict Advent fast. One Yule was celebrated it with the villagers of Hexton, and, in keeping with tradition electing a humble servant was invested as Lord of the Feast enjoying the privilege of heading the high table in company with the pages and served by Lady Anne. The company then performed a play, "The Adventures of Jack", starring its youngest member as the youngest lad ever to be knighted by KIng Arthur.


On St George's Day 2005, the good folk of Salisbury were entertained with a play of St George written for the company by R. M. Moss. A revised form of this play is to be found in Book III of  "To Save the Lost".


In May 2005 the group again contributed music, dance and playacting to the May revels.


An event to celebrate an Elizabethan day at the museum at Kettering was marred by terrible weather - rain and thunderstorms - but lots of children were kept amused playing children's games. They also made "marchpane sottleties".


Warriors preparing for battle. This was a Medieval Siege Society event at Twinwoods with the Hartley Household


A soldier's bivouac erected beside the gate to the Hartley Household encampment at Herstmonceaux Castle at another MSS event.


Master Tom and his harness
Master Andrew and Mistress Anne at their toy stall
Mistress Bess tablet weaving


Helping to celebrate the 500 year anniversary of Whittlesford's Market Charter








Past Events